The Chocolate Affair was the first opportunity I had to be with my team outside of practice. It was also the first time I did an event like this. I did not know what to expect and even with instructions on the style of dress, I had no idea what to wear. However, I was excited to support the cause and represent my team. I grew up in Baltimore, so I have seen firsthand how bad some of the homeless need assistance. Standing in the ballroom with my team surrounding not only me, but the entire room filed with guests was a bit surreal. Listening to the stories and watching videos on what Healthcare for the Homeless has already done almost brought me to tears. It is always amazing when you see a community come together for a common goal. It made be extremely proud to be a part of it all. With so many volunteers we went through that crowd collecting donations in very quick order. Reaching our goal and still receiving donations was great to see. After business was done, we were able to indulge in the best chocolate delights I have ever had. Some of which went along great with the spirit of our choice! After all of that, there was still time for us all to cut loose. The Baltimore Nighthawks hit the dance floor showing off our moves and had a ball! I would do this event every year, given the opportunity. 

Tanesha Carter #78